Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Django: The World's Best Web Framework

I just started using django and I'm amazed at the extensibility of its architecture. Prior to this time, I was using pylons and I got fed up of it. Now I'm giving django a try and I think I'm gonna stick with it.

Unlike pylons, its compact: It has its own template language, it own models definition layer or ORM and everything just works together perfectly. Little wonder why Google chose django models for Google App Engine.

The concept of middlewares and extensions makes django the bomb. The last time I felt this way was when I started using jQuery. One of the qualities of a good library or framework is that it must be well thought out from the ground up. Another thing I'm excited about is its backward compatibility.

Big ups, Jacob and Adrian. Keep the good work going. You guys really deserve to be called the BDFLs of Django. You made life easy for me.

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Don said...

whatagwan me dude. so much noise about django...maybe I should giv it a try meself. anyway glad u are blogging you know barney has a blog...real it. ciao